Replacing Your Cabin Air Filter

Common Symptoms that Indicate an Air Filter Replacement (Chevrolet Cruze)

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This video will help you learn the common symptoms that indicate your vehicle needs Air Filter Replacement.

Replacing an Air Filter is very vital as it passes the air your car takes in into the engine where it is mixed with fuel, and takes out dust, leaves, and other unwanted material. The combination of clean air and fuel is important for the car to have a smooth run.

Do remember, the dirty, clogged or substandard Air Filter is not able to pass enough air into the engine, causing lot of problems, including your car won’t start, engine won’t run smoothly and so on.

Here are some of the major signs telling you to replace your Air Filter:

Engine is running rough

Engine may not run

Low gas mileage

Check Engine Light is on

Kindly don’t ignore the replacement of Air Filter, as dirty air filter is unable to keep dirt, & dust, and from entering your engine. This contamination causes wear and tear on your engine, and also reduces your gas mileage and emissions.

There are times when your air filter needs just a cleaning instead of a replacement. However, malfunctioned Air Filter can’t be repaired, it should be replaced. Only an expert mechanic can guide you better on this as he tends to inspect the air filter during every maintenance service.

Don’t ignore dirty air filters as the contamination they cause in the engine will lead to unwanted wear & tear on the engine and reduce your gas mileage as well.

How long can the Air Filter in your vehicle work effectively or when do they need to be replaced?

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