2024 GMC Yukon Review

Explore the 2024 GMC Yukon, a full-size SUV designed for superior comfort and capability. With its bold styling, spacious interior, and advanced technology, the Yukon excels in any environment. Equipped with powerful engine options and cutting-edge safety features, it's the perfect choice for families and adventurers seeking a blend of luxury and performance in their next vehicle.

Walkthrough Review

Step inside the 2024 GMC Yukon and immerse yourself in an environment where luxury and practicality intersect seamlessly. The Yukon Denali Ultimate model sets a high standard with its sophisticated interior. It features 6-way power-adjustable front seats with massage functionality and premium full-grain leather upholstery, ensuring comfort in every journey. Heated and ventilated front seats, a heated steering wheel, and second-row seats cater to all-season comfort. The cabin's allure is accentuated by an Alpine Umber interior with laser-etched accents and a unique topographical map laser-etched onto the wood trim. Exclusive metal badging on the front seats adds a touch of elegance. Practicality is noticed, with flexible seating and storage solutions, including a power-sliding center console, fold-flat second and third-row seats, and power-release second-row bucket seats. The experience is completed by a powerful Bose sound system, making the 2024 Yukon a pinnacle of full-size SUV luxury.

2024 GMC Yukon interior

The GMC Yukon sets a new standard for exterior design in full-size SUVs, featuring a variety of distinctive grille options tailored to each trim level. The Denali Ultimate showcases a striking Vader Chrome Grille, while the Satin-chrome multidimensional Denali grille elevates the classic look. The AT4 boasts a rugged Black chrome grille, and the SLE and SLT models impress with unique grilles surrounded by sleek Satin chrome. Adding to its appeal, the Yukon offers a range of wheel designs that cater to different tastes. The SLE starts with 18" 6-spoke machined aluminum wheels with dark grey metallic accents, with options to upgrade to 20" or 22" polished or carbon flash metallic aluminum wheels. The SLT and AT4 follow with their own distinctive 20" designs, enhancing their respective trim aesthetics. Meanwhile, the Denali trim features luxurious 20" and available 22" wheel options, including the ultra-bright 22" 7-spoke machined wheels exclusive to the Denali Ultimate. Complementing the Denali and Denali Ultimate's refined exteriors, models with gas engines boast a dual exhaust system, finishing with twin polished stainless-steel tips, melding performance with elegance.

2024 GMC Yukon exterior

The 2024 GMC Yukon is powerful and precise in full-size SUVs. Engineered for high performance, it offers a 6.2L V8 engine on the Denali and Denali Ultimate trims, delivering 420 horsepower and 460 lb-ft of torque, coupled with a 10-speed automatic transmission. Alternatively, the 5.3L V8 engine standard on the SLE, SLT, and AT4 trims produces 355 horsepower and 383 lb-ft of torque. For those prioritizing fuel efficiency without sacrificing power, the 3.0L Duramax Turbo-Diesel available on SLE, SLT, Denali, and Denali Ultimate offers 277 horsepower and 460 lb-ft of torque. The Yukon enhances maneuverability and comfort with a first-in-class available four-corner air ride adaptive suspension, standard on Denali Ultimate and available on Denali and AT4, optimizing ride height and response in challenging conditions.

2024 GMC Yukon performance

Technology Features

2024 GMC Yukon Available Super Cruise

Available Super Cruise

Super Cruise, the first real hands-free driver assistance technology for suitable highways, enables vehicle operation without hands, automatic lane changing, and trailer towing. It includes three years of connectivity, after which a subscription is required.

Digital Displays 2024 GMC Yukon

Digital Displays

10.2" premium GMC Infotainment System with optional Google integration. 12" digital information center, controllable via the steering wheel. 15" Head-Up Display projects essential data on the windshield, standard on Denali Ultimate and Denali, optional on AT4.

Up to 13 Camera 2024 GMC Yukon

Up to 13 Camera

Effortlessly maneuver through tight parking spaces confidently using up to 13 camera views on the Denali and Denali Ultimate, including Transparent Trailer, Hitch, and various Surround Views.

Safety Features

Forward Collision Alert

Forward Collision Alert

This feature warns you of potential front-end collisions with the vehicle ahead, enabling swift action. It also alerts you if you are tailgating by following another vehicle too closely.

Front Pedestrian Braking

Front Pedestrian Braking

This feature detects pedestrians ahead and helps prevent or mitigate front-end collisions by providing alerts and enabling automatic or enhanced emergency braking. It operates in daylight under 80 km/h but has limited nighttime efficacy.



Safety Alert Seat

The Safety Alert Seat offers vibrations on the left, right, or both sides to indicate potential crash directions, enabling swift action. Alternatively, switch to audible beeping alerts for crash avoidance.


2024 GMC Yukon gallery
2024 GMC Yukon gallery
2024 GMC Yukon gallery
2024 GMC Yukon gallery
2024 GMC Yukon gallery
2024 GMC Yukon gallery

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